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best chatbot for website
best chatbot for website

Unique features of our chatbot

Promote your business and generate leads with our chatbots

At, Xpertcomments will help you to promote your business website and we will assist you to generate more leads for sales. We are expert at offering a virtual assistant to a business website. We are famous and getting love from our clients due to our dedicated work and chatbot services. Implementing a chatbot is a type of investment in your business. Because chatbot assists businesses to enhance client service costs. Developing chatbots saves additional costs of including more agents in a business. The costs may be in terms of training, salaries and infrastructure. Main advantage of our chatbot services is that you can reduce the human resources in client services and support.

Our web chatbots are perfect in seamlessly interacting with users and offer user commitment in a cost effective way. Importance of our chatbot service

Chatbot applications smooth out interactions among services and individuals, improving client experience. Simultaneously, they offer organizations new chances to improve the clients commitment process and operational productivity by decreasing the typical cost of client care. To be successful, a chatbot solution ought to have the option to successfully perform both of these programs. Human help plays a key job here: Regardless of the sort of approach and the stage, human intercession is critical in designing, preparing and improving the chatbot framework. The web chatbot is used to improve the customer satisfaction. It will offer the real time conversation. This will increase the customer trust. So you can gain numbers of customers and sales.

How our chatbot works:

Our chatbot works in two steps and they are following

Step 1 user request analysis

This is the main step that a chatbot performs. It breaks down the client's request to distinguish the client intent and to extract significant elements. This is the most significant process at the core of a chatbot. If you can't effectively comprehend the client's request, you won't have the option to give the right answer.

Step 2 returning the response:

When the clients intent has been recognized, the chatbot will give the most suitable response to the client's request. The appropriate response might be:

A conventional and predefined text. Information saved in big business frameworks. The consequence of an activity that the chatbot performed by connecting with a backend program. A contextualized snippet of data dependent on information the client has given. A disambiguating question that encourages the chatbot to accurately comprehend the client's request. A text recovered from an information base that contains various answers.

Advantages of having a chatbot service

Enhance the customer service

Improve the customer engagement

Best for lead generation, qualification and nurturing

Best approach to global markets

Save customer service costs

Provide fast and accurate response to users

Monitoring consumer data and gaining insights

Save the time

Manage users queries with automated responses


Improve the customer satisfaction

Offer real time conversation

Enhance the user experience


Avoid the human errors

Increase the team productivity

At, Xpertcomments, we have a team of professional and experienced developers. They will assist you to develop a suitable chatbot for your website. Our team members are dedicated to offering best developing services to our customer. We are using the latest technologies and best algorithms to develop chatbots. Our developer will assist you to save your time, money and efforts for developing a chatbot. They will suggest the suitable chatbot for your website. You can develop an affordable chatbot for your business with our chatbot developing services. What are you waiting for? Give us an opportunity to develop the best AI chatbot for your website. Feel free to contact us for more information and details. We are always ready to assist you to develop a chatbots.


Customer Engagement

Our Web chatbots seamlessly interact with the customers and provide user engagement in a cost-effective manner

ai chatbot for website

Latest Technology

Our Web chatbots are built on top of latest research in Deeplearning and natural language processing. It boasts of being the current state of the art

ai chatbot for website


Our chatbots not only interact with users but are also able to initiate actions based on user request through RPA and Selenium

Increase your social media presence with our open-domain chatbots

Our open domain chatbots offer open domain chit chats for users who are using the social media platform. The conversation is seamless and human like.




Hi I am a chatbot willing to engage you into a meaningful conversation


Increase and engage your clients with our banking chatbots

Our banking chatbots offer complete banking services to your customers including loss of card complaint,loan application,account opening and so on.



Hi I am a chatbot ready to offer you banking services for the following

Blocking of credit card,balance enquiry,card billing due date,card due amount,loan application,opening of account,fund transfer,fd creation,transaction limit,minimum balance required

Virtual assistant for your e-commerce store

  • Increase leads through our automated e-commerce chatbot
  • Let them easily discover your store by interacting with it.
  • Features include product search, refund request, add to cart and checkout



Hi I am a chatbot ready to walk you through the e-commerce store. I offer the following services

product finder,refund policy,request refund,checkout,confirm order,search results navigation,add / remove to cart,delivery options,check cart,item swap,cancel order,change order,order staus,special offers or discounts,gift items


Reduce Human resource head count in Customer service and support

Use our chatbot to give 24/7 support and services to your valuable customers. It can also process requests and provide assitance based on user intent.



I am a chatbot ready to give you customer support and assistance regarding our product. I offer the following services

product enquiry,product feedback,contact address,contact over phone,contact over email,enquire about social media presence,product version,want to engage with a human agent,product name,special offers or discount,raise bug in product,request refund,enquiry about developers of the product

Multiple Pricing Options

We've prepared pricing plans for all budgets so you can get started right away. We charge one-time installaion fees only and there is no recurring charges.

Open Domain
Open Domain Chatbot


  • Engage clients into meaningful conversation
Banking Chatbot


  • Offer banking services through chat
  • Take actions based on user intent
Closed domain chatbots for e-commerce


  • Carry on conversations with your customers 24/7
  • Navigate the e-commerce store
  • Take actions based on user intent
Customer support
Closed domain chatbots for customer support with automation


  • Carry on conversations with your customers 24/7
  • Respond to user queries and intents
  • Initiate actions and automation based on user intent

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