What Types of Bots Are There?

There are many types of bots. Bot type is based on the specific task it was programmed to do and the environment it was designed to operate in. For instance, there are Internet bots that crawl websites to fetch and analyze data (web crawlers). Bots

Difference Between “Chatbot FAQ” and “Faq Chatbot”

Nowadays we can use the Internet to search for pretty much anything. The Internet is a vast collection of websites that can give you (almost) all the answers you seek. This is great, no doubt about it. But there is

How does the implementation process of a chatbot look like?

Again this depends on the type of chatbot and bot builder or service provider that you chose for your technical implementation.   We define and implement individual content together with customers as well as any necessary interfaces to data sources.

How much does a Chatbot cost?

Unfortunately, this question is not as easy to answer as “How much is a can of soda?”.   The investment that you put into a chatbot depends on various factors. Things such as the complexity of the bot, its AI

How can chatbots have better conversations?

Two very important factors for the overall performance of a chatbot are the structure and quality of the data that are available for answering questions. This is where Knowledge Graphs come in.   Knowledge Graph is a synonym for a

How do you know if a chatbot is right for your business?

Chatbots are suitable for many industries and use cases. They are well-known to be able to provide excellent customer service, but there are also some great examples of chatbots in marketing & sales.   Ask yourself these questions before implementing

Are all chatbots based on AI?

As already mentioned, we differentiate between two types of chatbots: Rule-based and AI-based chatbots.   With a rule-based chatbot, possible user queries and potential answers are defined in advance. If a question is asked that has not been previously defined, the

What are chatbots and how do they work?

Chatbots are essentially a form of automated service that customers can communicate with via text or voice on different channels, e.g. website, Facebook Messenger, phone, other applications or via voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. What’s important to